When will he/she wake up?

When will he/she wake up?

A head injury will frequently impact on the survivor’s initial level of consciousness. Level of consciousness is a continuum ranging from full alertness, drowsiness, lethargy, daze-like symptoms, to loss of consciousness or coma.

Loss of consciousness typically involves injuries to the brain stem, the oldest part of the brain, which is responsible for basic fife functions such as alertness, arousal, heartbeat, and breathing.

It is rare for true coma to last more than several weeks, and in fact, almost all survivors will eventually awaken from a coma. The length of time before someone wakes up depends on the severity of the injury. It is important to understand that emergence from a coma is a gradual process in which the brain injured survivor may go through several stages including periods of disorientation, post-traumatic or anterograde amnesia (survivor has no memory of recent events), agitation. Some of these survivors may require medication or even physical restraints to prevent them from harming themselves or others.


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