Hard Copy Resource Listings

Hard Copy Resource Listings

Hard Copy Resource Listings:

Printed Matter and Videos:

      • Books – Easy to read and understand
      • Books – Technical and Clinical
      • Videos


    • Primary ABI Specific Organizations (International List)
    • Miscellaneous Organizations


ABI Related Internet Mail Lists/Discussion Boards:


ABI Related Internet Sites:
(Many sites are simply lists of other sites so that the redundancy is becoming overwhelming.  We’ll be including only those sites we feel has specific, pertinent or unique information or articles different than what we already offer here.)

Detailed Information Sites:

NOVA (PBS) – Coma (including indepth interview with neurosurgeon, Dr. Jamshid Ghajar and information about the Guidelines for the Management of Severe Head Injury)

CNS – Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Guide


Resource Locator Sites:

Disability Resources on the Internet

Neuropsychology Central

Dreamms for Kids, Inc. – Assistive Technology Solutions



TBI Survival Guide – Dr. Glen Johnson

Subtle Brain Injury


Miscellaneous Sites:

BIA – Internet Resource Link List

CNS – Assessment Scales

Mindtools – Various techniques related to thinking better

The Brain Injury Information Network

Waiting.com (General Coma Information & Support)|
Intensive Care Unit Guide

Coma-Reveil (persons not fluent in French should use theAltavista      Translator to utilize this site)

Brain Injury Information Page (TBI Law Advocates Page)


Medical Search Engines:

MedExplore Web Site Search Engine

National Library of Medicine


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