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Stages of recovery

Are there stages of recovery from a head injury and if so what are they?

When the patient is asleep after a head injury is called coma or unconscious. Both mean the same thing but the coma description is the more usual. It may take days or weeks to move out of coma stage into a less coma stage. The patient rarely moves abruptly from being in a coma to being properly awake. Read more

How can doctors tell extent of brain damage?

There are three cardinal neuropathologic dimensions that are considered in the diagnosis. They are the a) distribution b) severity and c) types of pathology.

Focal Lesions: severity factors depend on location size (bigger lesions worse than small), depth (deep lesions worse than superficial). The pathologic process may involves hemorrhage, infarct, tumor, abscess, trauma and secondary effects (edema, mass effect, neuronal degeneration. Read more

Children with Traumatic Brain Injuries

The number of children and adolescents in this country sustaining traumatic brain injuries is staggering. Each year one million …

What are seizures?

The terms epilepsy and seizure are often confined. On the one hand, a seizure is the resulting behavior or set of behaviors, …

Can seizures be controlled?

Treatment of epileptic seizures is usually accomplished through medication management. Antiepileptic medications work by …